"The Biggest Vetements Collection Ever" Arrives for FW21

Despite its name, Vetements has never really been about clothing. The disruptive label is all about statement and impact, using its runway shows, lookbooks and clothing drops to playfully upset the status quo, rather than cater to convention. Fall/Winter 2021 is no different: rather than compromise on artistic vision by compacting the collection to a handful of looks, the Switzerland-based brand opted for maximalist extravagance by serving up nearly 140 unique looks.

The sheer volume of clothing is, simply put, overwhelming. Although its real focus is on making the biggest possible splash, Vetements does possess signature design elements, recognizable garments and shapes that crop up throughout this lookbook and its overall output. It’s slouchy bomber jackets, barrel-chested suiting, cheeky slogan T-shirts and pooled jeans have been imitated ad nauseum by younger labels (though Vetements itself has really only been around since 2014), and Fall/Winter 2021 both celebrates those stylistic cues and somehow pushes the envelope even further.

From Matrix-sized sunglasses to ever-collectible hoodies, Vetements knows what its audience wants. Viewers not already clued into the label’s enormous-shouldered jackets, Eastern European graphics, reclaimed ’80s tailoring and ultra neon bodysuits will find little to like here; on the flip side, die-hards who admire Vetements’ take-no-prisoners style will find lots to love. For those in between, Vetements occasionally serves up a quietly cool article of clothing, like the perfectly slouchy turtleneck or hybrid panel overcoat, demonstrating a deep-seated love of clothing that only occasionally breaches the sardonic surface.

Look for items from the new collection to drop infrequently on Vetements’ website.

Similarly adventurous styling was presented for Fall/Winter 2021 by ERL, Rick Owens and Louis Vuitton.
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