The 13 Cutest Friendships to Come Out of The Bachelor

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Hannah Brown and Demi Burnett

The Bachelor might be about finding love — and sitting at home in your sweats and drinking wine with your best friends — but if we’re being honest, some of the biggest things we remember are the friendships that come from the reality show. Seriously, hear us out; there are a lot of great friendships that have come from the franchise, and we can’t get enough of them.

It sounds weird when you say, “I met my BFF while competing for a man’s heart,” but there are a decent amount of ladies who can actually say this, and we love them for it. Sure, there are a few good bromances that have started thanks to The Bachelorette, but the ladies who’ve become lifelong friends thanks to The Bachelor are much better and more fun. Sorry, but it’s true.

Whether you watch every season to actually see a man find the love of his life or tune in to see which girls will cause drama and which ones will drink a little too much before a rose ceremony, we can all agree that ladies bonding even though they are technically competing with one another is a good thing. To see which of your favorite former Bachelor contestants became instant besties and continue to be close today, keep reading. Oh, and maybe grab a glass of wine and your BFFs as you do . . . it’s more fun that way!

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