Temptation Is Still Too Hot to Handle in Season 3 of the Netflix Series

Is it hot in here or is it just the new season of Too Hot to Handle on the horizon? On Dec. 14, Netflix announced that the show bringing “horned-up hellraisers” together for our own entertainment is coming back for a third season! Then on Jan. 12, the official trailer arrived, and as expected, Lana is still being “the ultimate cockblock” to the new group of sexy singles.

If you’re new to this hypersexualized series, the show gathers a group of hot contestants with relationship issues who are banned from all forms of sexual contact if they want to keep their hefty prize fund. A robot named Lana is on the lookout for infractions, which cost the contestants their prize money. “No kissing, no heavy petting, and no sex of any kind,” Lana says in the trailer. But, the singles also get rewarded with sexual advances for good behavior. The final couples remaining then vote on someone they believe deserves the money the most based on their growth.

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