Suranne Jones fans, you will definitely want to check out her new Christmas film

Are you ready for a thoroughly modern twist on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol?      

How many times has A Christmas Carol been adapted for the silver (or small) screen over the years? At least 43, as it turns out – and now Suranne Jones has joined forces with Sky to bring us yet another version of the classic Dickensian tale.

While we are undeniably treading familiar ground in Christmas Carole, though, Jones’ version of the story promises to be very different to those that have come before. So much so, in fact, that Sky has issued something like an apology to the late author (whom presumably is slowly rotating in his grave somewhere):

“A yuletide story of our times, with apologies to Charles Dickens.”

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Here’s what you need to know, then, about Christmas Carole.

What’s the plot of Christmas Carole?

The eponymous Carole Mackay is an incredibly wealthy woman, thanks to her lucrative online business selling all things festive. In fact, that’s how she earned herself the nickname ‘Christmas Carole’.

Carole, though, isn’t a good person; far from it, actually. As you might have guessed, she’s as miserly as Ebeneezer Scrooge before her – and every bit as tight-fisted with her riches, too. And worse still? She hates Christmas with every fibre of her being.

As you may have guessed, however, Carole is about to get a bit of a shock this Christmas Eve when her past, present and future collide. 

Will some rather familiar Christmas spirits help her discover the true spirit of the holiday?

You can watch the unusual trailer for Christmas Carole below:

Like we said: miserly. But it does make a few razor-sharp observations about retailers peddling their wares over the holidays, right?

Who stars in Christmas Carole?

Alongside the formidable Suranne Jones, Christmas Carole stars Taj Atwal, Jo Brand, Nish Kumar, Jonty Stephens, and Ian Ashpitel.

What are people saying about Christmas Carole?

Speaking to What’s Up Next about the project, Jones said: “I was filming Gentleman Jack and told myself that the next thing I wanted to do was a Christmas film. It’s a big thing actors want to tick off their to-do list. So my agent was talking to Sky and they came up with the Christmas Carole script. 

“I’m the Scrooge character, there’s the ghosts and everything that A Christmas Carol has. There’s also a Tiny Tim of sorts! And our ghosts are like TV National Treasures of the past, present and future. It’s funny and it’s going to be brilliant fun to do.”

Jones added: “I’m playing Carole who hates Christmas. She’s a grumpy sod, so very much like the Scrooge character.”

When can we watch Christmas Carole?

This Sky Original comedy is coming to Sky Max on Sunday 19 December 2022. 

Will you be watching?

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