Stranger Things: You'll Spit Out Your Eggos When You See What Mr. Clarke Looks Like IRL

Image Source: Netflix

When it comes to Stranger Things characters, I put Mr. Clarke in the same category as Officer Callahan, meaning the two men are highly underrated. Just as Callahan doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his sassy one-liners, it seems like Scott Clarke’s importance to the series’ plot goes unfairly unnoticed.

A science teacher at Hawkins Middle School and the A/V Club adviser, Clarke nurtures the curiosity of his students, especially Mike Wheeler and his friends. He passionately lectures and patiently answers questions — even fielding inquiries in the wee hours from his home (like that time Dustin interrupts his date night to ask how to build a sensory deprivation tank for Eleven during season one). On top of that, Clarke’s simple explanation of how alternative dimensions work was a crucial factor in helping Dustin discover that the gate to the Upside Down was in Hawkins Laboratory.

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