Ryan Reynolds Expresses Serious Interest in Buying NHL Team, Ottawa Senators

Ryan Reynolds appeared ontold The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and revealed that he is seriously considering buying the NHL team Ottawa Senators.

The Canadian actor confirmed, “I am trying to [buy the Senators]. It’s very expensive, so I need a partner with really deep pockets.” He went on to joke, “It’s called a consortium, when you form a group together to buy an entity and it’s such a fancy way of saying, ‘I need a sugar mommy or a sugar daddy,’ and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll buy a U.S. senator which anyone can afford.” Just last week, the franchise announced that the club was in the process of initiating a sale. Senators chairman and governor Sheldon Plener said, “This was a necessary and prudent step to connect with those deeply interested parties who can show us what their vision is for the future of the team.” He added, “A condition of any sale will be that the team remains in Ottawa.”

The Senators’ long-time owner Eugene Melnyk recently died due to an illness back in March. Reynolds said that the team means a lot to him having spent a lot of time in Ottawa in his childhood, “I grew up in Vancouver which has my heart always, but I also grew up in Ottawa, Canada, as I spent a long time in Vanier, which is a little town right inside Ottawa.”

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman commented on Reynolds’ recent appearance at the Senators’ game stating, “He was quite articulate on The Tonight Show Last Night with Jimmy Fallon that he’d be very interested and he needs either a sugar mommy or a sugar daddy. A lot of money to help – I think those were his exact words that I’m quoting. Listen, anything that engages a fan base, that brings a lot of attention to the franchise is a plus. He’s very popular and well respected person.”

Watch Reynolds’ response below.

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