Polaroid Enters Music With Four Portable Players

Long revered for its portability and no-frills approach to photography, Polaroid will be entering a new space. Launching today, the American company has unveiled its new music players.

There are four iterations, starting with the small, wearable P1 and P2, the boom-box-like P3 and a powerful P4 speaker. Each size comes in an array of colors, made to reflect Polaroids brand identity, along with a red switch that mimics a Polaroid camera’s iconic red shutter button.

“Great musicians and photographers capture what we can’t always express with words,” said Polaroid chairman, Oskar Smolokowski, in a statement. “They make us feel. We’re new in the music world, but we want to bring as much color and emotion to the space as we can. We’re excited about this new chapter while still being as committed as ever to instant photography.”

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At the core of the players is Polaroid Radio — an ad-free, ever-evolving stream of FM stations that are available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Austria and more coming soon. The players analog dial is designed to change Polaroid Radio stations without picking up another phone and are a great edition to any group gathering.

The Polaroid P1 ($59.99 USD), P2 ($129.99 USD), P3 ($189.99 USD) and P4 ($289.99 USD) are available to purchase now at the company’s website.

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