Nintendo Will Finally Allow You to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to the Switch

After more than four years since the console’s original launch, Nintendo has finally given fans one of their most coveted features on the Switch: the ability to pair Bluetooth audio devices with the handheld.

Announcing the news over on Twitter, Nintendo says that the long-awaited feature will finally make its way to the device in the latest update. While it’ll now enable Bluetooth pairing with audio devices, the feature is only usable for audio output to your headphones or earbuds and won’t support input from any microphones.

As the company’s support page points out, the Switch will also only be able to connect to one Bluetooth output at a time, although it’ll save up to 10 paired devices on the console. Most importantly, you’ll only be able to use up to two wireless controllers while you’re using Bluetooth audio, and the feature will be disabled during local communication, so you won’t be able to use it if you’re playing a local wireless multiplayer game.

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