Marvel Star Elizabeth Olsen Seems To Dismiss Popular ‘WandaVision’ Theory

Ever Wanda what “WandaVision” is about? You’re not alone.

Other than constantly being told Vision and Scarlet Witch/Wanda are an “unusual couple” ― as the many “WandaVision” trailers keep emphasizing — the plot of Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series has been one big mystery.  

With very little to go on, one of the clues fans have taken hold of is a curious wine bottle that shows up in trailers with a label saying “Maison du Mépris.” 

Translated from French, the label apparently means House of Contempt — or, as some say, House of Misery. This has led to a popular theory that the series will be based on Marvel’s “House of M” comic storyline.  

If the label is hinting that the show is inspired by “House of M,” that may explain all the weird reality-warping in the trailers. It could also possibly serve as a way for the X-Men to be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, given their involvement in the storyline.

Or … it could just be a wine bottle.

On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Wanda herself, Elizabeth Olsen, was asked about the “House of M”/wine bottle theory and appeared to dismiss it.

The actor laughed as Kimmel explained the theory to her, saying, “Our prop guy, Russell, would be a very clever man if he put that in.”

“So, no, then. Interesting,” Kimmel replied.

Olsen also commented on other theories in the segment, including her resemblance to some former sitcom stars you may know. But the “House of M” theory has really been the big one to come out of the trailers. 

Sure, it could still happen. Olsen is obviously guarding the secrets of the series ahead of its premiere this month. Plus, earlier in the interview, the actor told Kimmel that Easter eggs “go way above” her head anyway.

But there’s also the unfortunate possibility that when it comes to the wine detail, we’re all just a bit too thirsty.

Check out the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment below:



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