Lucy Kennedy defends Kerry Katona amid 'appalling' claims she had 'blood on her hands' after death of ex-husband

Lucy Kennedy has defended Kerry Katona after a father’s rights group claimed the former Atomic Kitten singer had “blood on her hands” after the death of ex-husband George Kay.

Kerry and George were married for three years and welcomed a baby daughter together in 2014, Dylan-Jorge.

George passed away earlier this week after a suspected drug overdose.

Lucy lived with mum-of-five Kerry as part of her show Living with Lucy and was introduced to George during filming. 

Lucy told that Kerry clearly “adored” George and thought the Tweets from Fathers4Justice claiming that Kerry was responsible for his death were “appalling”. 

“I met him. They were kind of off when I was living with Kerry, two years ago when I was pregnant with Jess,” said Lucy.

“They were off, I think there had been an injunction, I think some assault allegations, so he wasn’t allowed in the house at the time and she was very conscious of not being seen with him in the media.

“He was in a restaurant one day and she said, ‘look can we pull over there’s someone I want you to meet’. He came over to the car and he seemed like a really nice guy, she was mad about him.

“It’s appalling, I think it is absolutely appalling. She adored him, she loved him, she married him,” added Lucy.

“I think it is a very difficult situation. She had a baby with him and that child is going to read about that one day and so I think that was irresponsible of them, they’ve done themselves no favours there.

“I feel for Kerry, that’s a tricky old blow. I hope she finds happiness.”

Meanwhile, Lucy said she had been in touch with another former housemate from the show, comedian Brendan Grace, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. 

He is currently receiving treatment in Galway. 

He has been in hospital for over a month, initially being treated with pneumonia before it transpired that he was battling cancer.

“I love Brendan Grace, I’m going to visit him. I got a terrible fright to hear he had pneumonia and then it turned out it was cancer,” said Lucy.

“His spirits are high, as only his can be. He is such a genuine person.” She said he’d penned thank you notes to all the crew when recording wrapped for the series. 

“He hand wrote a letter to all of us to thank us, sound, camera, me, producer, all of us, he wrote us all a letter,” said Lucy. 

“They don’t make them like that anymore, just old-school, genuine. I hope that he’ll be ok.”

Lucy revealed she is heading to LA in two weeks time to finish filming the latest installment of the hit Virgin Media Show.

However, she could not reveal who she would be sharing a home with – although she admitted that the person was a well-known Irish actor.

The series returns in September.

Lucy was on hand yesterday with models Missy Keating and Emily-Jade Elliot to launch Virgin Media’s Drive-In cinemas, which are making a return this summer, showing Mamma Mia! and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Ennis, Dundalk, Wexford, Dungarvan and Dublin will all play host to the retro-night at the movies throughout the month of August. Tickets are available online at for €10.

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