London’s Picante Presents Its Nostalgic Logo Collection for FW22

London-based imprint PICANTE has just presented its latest collection of winter-ready hoodies, matching jogging bottoms, and shorts and they encapsulate an assemblage of reimagined designs from the brand’s previous T-shirt releases. 

Earlier this year, the brand released a collection of oversized tees that were based on individual campaigns that nod towards childhood television, mechanics, and life around the city of London. Now, this new collection of cozy hoodies takes the same inspiration, with the collection highlights coming in the form of the “Illustrator” hoodie that aligns with PICANTE’s design process on Adobe Illustrator. Furthermore, Power Puff Girls inspirations can be seen throughout the “Mojo” graphics, while “The World” graphic attaches itself to the team dinners at the Soho-based Bar Italia.  

PICANTE has also included the “Fratelli” hoodie in an “Ivory” colorway, while a fresh restock of the fan-favorite graphic T-shirts rounds off the collection. 

You can look closely at the new collection from PICANTE above; it is available now on the brand’s official website.

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