LNMH Releases Second M.F. Husain Inspired NFT Drop ‘DualPower’

With an overwhelming response from their DualFaced Free NFT drop, LNHM and Lava joined forces for a second time to launch DualPower NFTs inspired by Indian-Qatar artist M.F. Husain.

Utilizing freehand drawing along with vibrant colors, Husain became the most successful artist in India – the artist sought out to display Indian-centric themes within the art style of cubism. Having a shared exhibition with Pablo Picasso in Brazil, Husain is recognized as the Picasso of India. Today, Husain’s work is exhibited worldwide with a permanent installation in Doha, Qatar, commissioned by the Qatar foundation.

The DualPower NFT collection lives on the Ethereum blockchain platform featuring 3333 NFTs of M.F Husain’s iconic horses seen in his artwork. The NFTs grab inspiration from an art piece by Husain titled Forms Follows Function, which features a wide range of colors and traits. The iconic work of art highlights the journey of the Arab civilization featuring the iconic horses behind a car. Forms Follows Function by M.F. Hussain has never been released as a print or digitally, which serves as a unique opportunity for fine art collectors to get their hands on NFT pieces from the legendary artist.

Look for the DualPower collection of 3333 NFTs of the iconic horses available to mint on Nov. 22nd 2022 at 8am EST, for 0.4 ETH on the website at https://dualpower.io
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