Krispy Kreme Morphs into "Krispy Skreme" With New Halloween Donuts

With Halloween fast approaching, Krispy Kreme switched up for the holiday as it transformed into “Krispy Skreme.” The American donut and coffeehouse got creative with a whole new logo, donut additions and specials in line with the spooky season.

Aside from the thematic logo, four new donuts got a witchy makeover such as the Abra Cat Dabra which is a cat-like donut made with an Original Glazed dipped in chocolate icing and black sanding sugar decorated with icing and sugar fondant eyes. The Enchanted Cauldron is a Glazed Chocolate Cake topped with Kreme, sprinkles and a pretzel as a witch’s broomstick.

A Bewitched Broomstick is shaped with an unglazed shell donut dipped in purple icing with gold stars and more icing capped with green buttercream and a pretzel stick. Lastly is a Spooky Sprinkle shaped with an Original Glazed dipped in orange icing and finished with a Halloween sprinkle blend.

Every Saturday, from October 16 to 30, Krispy Kreme will also be carrying out a sweet offer of an extra “Scary Sharies” dozen for $1 USD with every dozen purchased until supplies last. On October 31, those wearing their costumes can get a free donut at any participating branch.

For more Halloween-themed food announcements, HEINZ released a limited-edition Tomato Blood Costume Kit.
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