Ken Block Is Selling Three of his Legendary Ford Hoon Machines

Three of Ken Block‘s spectacular hoon machines have just been listed for sale over at LBI Limited. Individually sold are the highly-modified drift cars in the form of the 2013 Fiesta ST RX43 from Gymkhana Six, Eight, and Terrakhana, the 2011 Ford Fiesta GYM3, and Block’s 1986 RS200 Evo “Dream Car.”

LBI Limited describes this rare sale of cars as “Block-hooned, drove, drifted, and never lifted.” The sale of these three cars signals the ending of his contract with Ford.

Starting with the last car listed, as we’re sure many car fans are drooling at the sight of it, is Block’s 1986 RS200 Evo. ThisFord is just one of 200 examples of the RS200 that have been built for Group B rallying — there are even fewer (24) of the RS200s that meet Evo specification. Block wrapped the entire car in matte-black and included a hydraulic handbrake, 4 point Williams harnesses and tuned the car to make 700 horsepower on pump gas (850hp on race fuel).

The 2013 Fiesta ST RX43 is the same vehicle he drove for his first-ever Global Rallycross win. This car makes 600 horsepower through a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine through all four wheels. The car is also equipped with a Sadev rear differential and a center differential release.

The Ford Fiesta GYM3 has been detuned to 600 hp where it can push closer to 850 horses through its 2.0-liter Olsbergs Duratec turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This build sees the iconic Monster black and white drip livery. With its MakTrak 6-Speed sequential gearbox with electronic shift, this car launches from 0-60mph in just slightly over two seconds.

Currently, the 1986 Ford RS200 Evo is the only vehicle listed with a price tag ($550,000 USD) with the other two available on request. Head over to LBI Limited to see a full detailed description of all three legendary cars.

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