Kanye West Supposedly Recreated Beats From Every '90s Hip-Hop Album as Practice

If there’s one thing music fans admire Kanye West for, it’s his dedication to his craft. The multi-hyphenate is known for his work ethic and the gold standard he sets for the projects he’s involved in, and CyHi The Prynce further confirmed that Ye doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to polishing his skill.

Speaking on the No Jumper podcast, CyHi revealed that West recreated the beats on every hip-hop album from the ’90s as practice. “Even when he’s doing beats, he’s going through every sample. I heard every album that came out from like, ’91 to like, ’99, he redid every beat on every hip-hop album ever,” he said. “He would get the whole Nas album and do every Nas [album] one through 16. He’d redo very beat to the T.”

CyHi continued, “A Nas album, a Biggie album, DMX album — everybody who came out before him, he redid the album just to teach himself how to make beats. So it’s like, if he’s gonna be that studious with beats, he’s going to be that way with everything. And that’s how I learned. Like da*n, that’s how you really make sure you win. You have every option on the table.”

The practice definitely paid off not only for Ye’s own discography but for the artists he’s worked with, seeing as his produced tracks like Big Sean‘s “I Don’t F*ck With You,” Rihanna‘s “B*tch Better Have My Money” and JAY-Z‘s “Encore” were all critically acclaimed and did big numbers during their release.

Watch the full interview above.

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