Justin Reed Is Selling a Chrome Hearts-Stamped Wooden Moving Crate for $15,000 USD

From toilet plungers and salt and pepper shakers to the sterling silver truffle shaver, Chrome Hearts has released a number of oddities over the years. But none have been as divisive as this wooden crate, which has appeared on Justin Reed‘s website.

Technically, this is not even a “product” per see, but rather the box that was used to transport Chrome Hearts’ Rogue Weight Bench that Reed also has/had in his possession. Regardless, it still stands as a piece of the brand’s iconography and history, sporting plenty of Chrome Hearts detailing all over the wooden structure.

Notably, we find a large Chrome Hearts stamp on the side, featuring alongside handwritten details about the box’s contents, the overall size and weight, and some essential shipping information.

Reed coins the piece as a “1-of-1,” which it essentially is as there will be no two boxes alike. As a result, the wooden crate is being sold for $15,000 USD on the Justin Reed website. Take a closer look at the piece above.

In other news, “Round 23” of A.P.C. and Jessica Ogden’s quilts and cushions has debuted.
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