Jonas Brothers reveal their love of Sunday roasts, Nando's and trashy British TV

They may be from across the pond, but the Jonas Brothers are big fans of all things British culture – from food to ‘trashy’ reality TV.

Formed in 2005, the trio of siblings shot to fame with their appearances on Disney Channel, landing their own series and also starring in the iconic Camp Rock movies.

Fast forward to now, though, and a lot has changed – and it’s fair to say they’re, in their own words, a man band, rather than a boy band, these days.

With a bunch of hits already under their belts – from a cover of Busted’s Year 3,000 to their reunion anthem Sucker – the guys are heading back on tour with The Album, planning to play five records of tunes for thousands of adoring fans across the world.

What’s more, the chart-topping band have teamed up with Candy Crush to delight their fans with some exclusive tracks – Summer Baby and Sail Away.

Global pop icons Kevin, 35, Joe, 33, and Nick, 30, will also be transformed into Candified characters in what is surely a childhood dream come to life.

So, amidst all the excitement of tours, albums, and games, sat down with JoBros for a debrief, and they spilled on their favourite British slang words, those Wetherspoons comments, and more…

Tell us about your partnership with Candy Crush – what made you want to get involved and have you always been big gamers?

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Kevin: I have, I’ve been a Candy Crush fan for the last 11 years. I remember the first time someone said, ‘You’ve never played Candy Crush?’, I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I was on a vacation with friends and, I will say, I took it upon myself to spend a lot more time playing the game than I did hanging out with friends but, still to this day, it’s still a part of our ecosystem.

Me and Joe play a lot on planes trying to further our levels, but it’s a cool partnership that we can join with Candy Crush and release some amazing songs on there, some songs from our new album, that we filmed at the Royal Albert Hall, it’s really fun to see yourself in digital form. My kids really like to see the cartoon version of her dad and uncles.

Out of the three of you, who is the most competitive?

Kevin: I’d have to say between me and Joe. When we’re on a plane we try and get as many levels in as we can between our next stop. We obviously travel a lot, so you can imagine.

Nick: I’m certainly competitive, but these guys are slightly better at it than me, but my wife (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) is actually the best Candy Crusher in the family, for sure.

Seeing yourself in a game is like every child’s dream, what was it like to become digital characters?

Kevin: Yeah my children are so excited, I think any time you can have a digital version of yourself it’s pretty fun, and this is just a feel-good thing. It’s a really fun way for us to meet our fans in a place where they already are, right? It’s a way for us to really put music in their hands already and continue to just be Jonas ever-present, as we like to say.

You’ve been in the music industry for a long time now. When you compare The Album to your older material, how do you think you’ve evolved musically?

Joe: It’s interesting because our fanbase has grown with us, which is something we’ve been looking at recently. There have been songs we’ve played more frequently that make you think about the nostalgia of it all.

When we were younger, we sang about our early dating years, and we were singing songs that had words like ‘instant messenger’ and ‘high fives’ instead of ‘hugs,’ I don’t know! Funny, child, teen-like conversations around love and romance and dating. And, as we’ve gotten older, our music has matured with us and it’s something we’re really proud of and we can celebrate those years now and we’re doing that on this next tour we’re going on.

It’s fun to reflect on it now the music is exactly where we are – we’re all meeting each other in a really similar place personally than we ever intended so it feels really authentic to where we are in our personal lives.

You have five albums of material to perform now for fans, do you have favourite songs to sing live?

Nick: Playing some of the old stuff is really special because it has a totally new meaning for our fans at this stage in all of our lives. But also, this new music is so fun to play live. We set out with very clear intentions to make music that would translate live so things like Little Bird, Miracle, can’t wait to play that one, Summer Baby, are all feeling amazing and pretty special.

In your Waffle House music video, we see quite a bit of dancing, probably the most since your Camp Rock days. Will you be busting out the moves on your new tour?

Kevin: Ooh, I don’t know, from myself at least. I’m not the best dancer! I’m just gonna say it straight up, I’m gonna stick to what I do best, but at the same time, these guys definitely put on a show, I’ll say that much, for sure.

Nick: I will… within reason.

Kevin: I like it.

Nick: I’m also not a dancer, but we had a lot of fun with our collaborator Anthony Mandler who did Sucker, our video for Cool, and Only Human, and he said, ‘Why don’t you guys push yourselves a little bit? Step outside your comfort zone and bust a few moves,’ so that’s what we did and it was a great time!

How do you take care of yourselves on tour and wind down after a show?

Joe: There’s always something different for each of us. After a show, it takes us a while. The only way to compare it to something else is probably, to imagine wanting to have a big meal after a marathon. For us, we wanna have a big meal after we do a show because we’re running around quite a bit, have a little decompress with each other, and sometimes you can just celebrate because every night is just the most energising feeling.

When we’re on the road this time around, there’ll be places where we’re gonna find fun ways to get to know the city. That’s always been a highlight for us, looking around Detroit, or Texas, wherever we may be and finding something new to hang out at.

How do you navigate visiting tourist hotspots? You’re so recognisable.

Kevin: We can absolutely try. We do our best. It’s one of those things where we really try to make the best of every city that we go to and visit, and that’s why we like the tour so much, we really get to experience new things everywhere we go.

You famously covered Year 3,000 by Busted – any plans to cover more boy band tunes? Are you boy band fans yourselves?

Nick: Big boyband fans! Actually, we just saw on TikTok a mash-up of The 1975 and Backstreet Boys which was pretty fire, so maybe we’ll do something like that!

But I think it’s funny because we don’t really consider ourselves a boy band because we play instruments and we’re more of a man band, but we’re thrilled to be kind of lumped into that category. There are so many great songs over so many years that are huge influences for us, so we’re happy to be included!

You’ve met a lot of fans over the years, but have you ever met one of your idols and had an awkward moment?

Kevin: Actually, one of my rules in life was to learn from this exact thing that happened. I was a huge John Mayer fan growing up with the guitar, and we had a showcase early in our life when we were signed to Columbia, and he walked in the door.

I got so nervous that I didn’t introduce myself, or meet him, or any of that stuff, but then I regretted it terribly for a long time and I said to myself, if I ever wanted to meet anyone ever again, I’d just walk right up to them, so I learned a lesson from that moment and it was good.

Nick: I think you have to. The other night I was at the Met Gala which was super fun and it’s such a great ice breaker, just to go up, if you’ve seen someone’s work or you admire them in some way, just to say it! We’re all fans of each other and we’re all equal parts creative and artists, but also fans and consumers, so it’s always good to hear it from other people and we do our best to step outside our comfort zone and just say it.

Joe: I was at the Nicks game the other day and Michael J. Fox was there and I didn’t say hi and I do regret that, but my hope is that he’ll be at the next game because I’m gonna go, so fingers crossed.

But there have been many times, like with Kevin, and we said ok, let’s adapt that to our own daily life. I’s so nice to just go up and say hi, especially in those settings where everyone feels like they’ve got to be on their best behaviour at something like the Met Ball, it’s sometimes disarming when you just go up and say hello and if you are a fan of them, go and say that! Because I would appreciate it.

You’ve spent a lot of time in the UK over the years, what British slang have you picked up?

Nick: I like ‘innit’ – that’s my favourite. I’m gonna go with that one.

Joe: I just feel like English food has just grown on me, I love a roast. I crave them! I look forward to Sundays.

But there’s a bunch of slang that is so random, but sometimes I now feel like I find myself sounding a little more English than the norm, like with how I pronounce words such as route. It sticks with me.

Joe, we have to ask, you recently said you weren’t a fan of a Wetherspoons pub…

Joe: I said it wasn’t my first pick!

So, what British cuisine do you like and wish you had in the States?

Joe: There are so many great spots in the UK, we all have so many favourite restaurants that are our go-tos when we’re there. It’s nice to see that Nando’s is starting to make its way to the US a little bit more, that’s always a plus for us!

We were big fans of Pizza Express when we were younger. We went so many times once that somebody from the headquarters made our faces on a pizza once… and we just thought we’d made it.

Finally, what are your favourite British TV shows?

Kevin: I’m just gonna say it, The Great British Bake Off is spectacular. Me and my wife Danielle, we’re obsessed, and we love that we can watch it now here. It makes you feel like you’re getting ready for Christmas! It’s fantastic.

Nick: I know it’s a few years old but I loved Quiz, that show was amazing.

(Yes, he is talking about the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? coughing drama starring Michael Sheen… random).

Joe: All the trashy British reality TV is always fun! This Country is probably one of my top three best comedy shows ever.

Jonas Brothers have teamed up with Candy Crush Saga for the mobile game’s Music Season, when players will get access to their Candified characters in-game, as well as being able to stream new music exclusively on Candy Crush Saga 24 hours before any other platform.

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