James Turrell Presents 'Confidences' at Gagosian Paris

Gagosian is showcasing two ethereal new artworks by Light and Space master, James Turrell.

Housed at the gallery’s Rue de Ponthieu location in Paris, the exhibition occupies a custom-built space that invite visitors to gaze into two sensorial installations. Ariel and Game are part of Turrell’s Glass Series, first started in 2001 — the former named after Ariel, the Judeo-Christian angel of nature — while the latter artwork refers to the Gnostic Books of Game.

In both, Turrell fuses the latest in LED technology with architectural concepts from his Shallow Space Constructions of the late 1960s and early 1970s, where the artist uses light to slowly tinker with the viewer’s depth perception. “Generally, light is used to reveal something about the object. I use light as the revelation itself,” Turrell said in a previous statement.

Confidences will be on view in Paris until December 22.

In related news, HypeArt was invited to experience a Turrell Skyscape at the home of media executive and philanthropist, Jarl Mohn.

Rue de Ponthieu
75008 Paris, France
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