I Literally Stopped Sweating At Night Because Of This Fan

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Some people like sleeping in a hot room; some people like sleeping in a cold room. Whichever type you prefer (no judgement), I think we can all agree that trying to sleep during the steamy, muggy summer months is, like, a horrendous task barely any of us can accomplish successfully.

^live footage of me trying to sleep during the months of June, July, and August.

Now, you may have an AC unit that you keep running all through the night…and bless if you are one of those people!!!! However, my large AC unit is LOUD and located directly next to my bed (thanks, studio apartment), so I really can’t sleep with it on.

I’ve TRIED, trust me, but it’s literally so loud it keeps me up.

Since I have to turn my AC off, trying to get decent rest during the summer months is difficult. That’s where my reliable and lightweight Lasko fan comes in. It’s tall, oscillating, quiet, and powerful. And it’s available on Amazon for $59.99+.

Such a fan of this fan!!!!!!!

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