Husbands Are Sharing The Little Things They Do To Keep Courting Their Wives, And You'll Be Like, "Dang, You Got A Brother?"

After you’ve been married for a while, sometimes things are a little less exciting than they were in the beginning stages.

Well, a viral Reddit thread asked husbands to share the ways they keep courting their wives (and keep their relationships alive), and seriously, get ready to swoon.

1.“I still kiss her goodnight, and I hold her hand while we sleep.”


2.“I scratch her back when she takes her bra off at the end of the day, and I always ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ when she steps out of the shower.”


3.“When she cooks, I take less than enough food the first time so that I can take more later and make her feel good.”


4.“I compliment more than just her physical features. While it’s easy to say, ‘You’re beautiful,’ I find it means more to her when I say things like, ‘You inspire me.'”


5.“When it’s my turn to do the laundry, I leave random things in her pants pockets for her to find later — origami, little notes, cute drawings, jokes, whatever I can think of. I even sometimes throw in random objects I find at work or yard sales — stuff like mechanical parts, labels, toys — anything that will confuse her and put a smile on her face. There’s a Lego Batman in a pair of her pants she still hasn’t found.”


6.“I walk up behind her and draw a small heart on the back of her neck with my tongue. Then I blow gently on the heart shape, kiss the area, and walk away.”


7.“When my wife calls, I always answer the phone like an excited child who gets to talk to his biggest hero, no matter how my day is going. Trust me, a shitty ‘hello’ turns into a shitty call, which leads to a shittier ‘hello’ later, and ultimately a shitty toxic relationship if left unchecked. Sound excited when your wife calls, even if you are standing knee-deep in shit and your sleeve just caught on fire.”


8.“I buy my wife flowers at completely random times. There’s no rhyme or reason — I just see them and think she needs them.”


9.“Sometimes it’s as simple as just running into the convenience store while the gas is pumping and grabbing her a Snickers bar just so she knows I was thinking about her.”


10.“I throw her towel in the dryer for a bit when she’s in the shower.”


11.“Dates. I give her a reason to get dressed up, to have something to look forward to, something to tell her girlfriends about. I just text her the time and the dress code, and it ends up making both of our weeks.”


12.“Remember to keep saying the things you think. If you think to yourself that she looks pretty, say so. If you remembered how lucky you are to have her while you were listening to your friends complain about their relationships, be sure to tell her when you get home. I’ve been with my wife more than a decade, and she’s always touched to hear that these things still pass through my head.”


13.“Little touches whenever she’s within arm’s reach, and daily texts just to say, ‘Hey, sexy. I can’t wait to see you later.'”


14.“Once a month, I get a babysitter, take my wife to a nice dinner, have sex with her at a hotel, cuddle for an hour, then I leave her at the hotel so she can have a nice morning to herself off from mom duties.”


15.“I stash chocolate to give to her when she has a bad day. Sometimes she even asks me if I have any ‘secret chocolate.’ It makes both our days better.”


16.“I still catcall her when she passes me in the hall.”


17.“I always ask her choice when we eat out. Most times she just wants a specific item, like a beer or a place with good chicken, but every now and then she has a destination in mind.”


18.“My wife has developed a nasty habit of not eating lunch since she’s become a manager, so I’m making dinner and dropping by on her break tonight to surprise her with it.”


19.“Always be the guy who’s willing to talk to the manager. My wife doesn’t like to make a fuss because she’s too shy, but if she was given tickets to the wrong movie or her food is missing something, I don’t let it slide. She’s embarrassed at first, but she lights up like a kid on Christmas after it’s sorted out. I have zero shame when it comes to taking care of her.”


20.“It sounds stupid, but I still hold her hand whenever we go out. It really signifies how I feel.”


21.“Compliment her on everything — her looks, her outfits, her hair, how she smells, her decisions, her choices in whatever. Let her know constantly that you think she’s the shit.”


22.“I write cheesy pick-up lines on Post-It notes, and leave them on her coffee cup in the morning.”


23.“And honestly, just look at her and let yourself feel the love that brought you to this point — while she’s watching TV, while she’s tying her shoes. You don’t have to say anything. Just take a moment to bask in the love.”

“These are the feelings you should never forget. They deserve to grow with your relationship because they are golden, and if you can hang onto them, everything else will come.”


Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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