How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

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This weekend I have … a half-hour, and I want a comedy

‘South Side’
When to watch: Now, on HBO Max.

This comedy about a repo company on the South Side of Chicago aired on Comedy Central in 2019 and is now finally streaming. Sultan Salahuddin and Kareme Young star as Simon and K, recent junior college grads who work for Rent-T-Own and amass side hustles. “South Side” is fully hatched right from the pilot: Its characters have funny and original individual voices, its world makes sense, and it crams in more jokes per scene than some shows manage in an entire episode. If you want a comedy that moves easily between farce, one liners and silly whimsy, or if you just have strong feelings about Harold’s mild sauce, watch this.

… a half-hour, and I want a British comedy

‘The Other One’
When to watch: Now, on Acorn

If you already watched the odd-couple brother comedy “Back” on Sundance Now, try this import that feels like the sister version. Cat and Cathy (Lauren Socha and Ellie White) have nothing in common — except their father, whose recent death revealed to Cathy and her mother that he had a secret other family. And also that he’d given his two daughters the same name. A lot of class-conflict shows have a mean streak, but “The Other One” has a bright and fizzy ease and a story that zips along, and the seven episodes bounce by in a flash.

… a half-hour, and I’m in the homestretch

‘America’s Test Kitchen’
When to watch: Now, on the show’s website or smart TV app.

The current season of “America’s Test Kitchen” was filmed during the pandemic, with the various hosts cooking in their own home kitchens — fun for the real-estate voyeur and home chef alike. These episodes look and feel so similar to the regular version that unless you’re the one person who specifically craves the show’s banter, you may not even notice the change. The series models the kind of gentle positivity we can all use a dose of right now as we emerge from our year of isolation like a newly healed limb, all withered and sensitive from being inside a cast.

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