Hed Mayner SS23 Is a Lesson in Masterful Layering

For the Spring/Summer 2023 season, Hed Mayner continues to make a statement and redefine classic men’s tailoring. This season saw the brand magnify the men’s suit jacket, creating a archetypal motif collection.

Classic pieces like blazers, trousers, jean jackets and pants were revamped with Mayner’s signature reconstruction to create a grandeur silhouette. Mayner chose to cut away the back of parkas, duffle coats and suit jackets to create a two-dimensional look. However, when seen from the front, there is a sophisticated sense of layering that occurs due to the new textures and displacements added to the oversized cut. The collection has been reimagined away from its typical functions. SS23 plays with the idea of oversized symmetry, which adds to the two-dimensional aesthetic of the pieces.

From hand-knitted sweaters to sculpted knitwear, the delicateness of the detail is poetic and gives volume to both the piece as a stand-alone and the overall silhouette of the outfit. Classic suits are given a Mayner twist, as the embroideries and embellished blouses become a textural guide for the collection.

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