En Iwamura Reflects on the Pandemic in “Always Lonely”

For an artist whose practice explores Ma (or the Japanese concept of space and movement), En Iwamura’s latest exhibition is particularly poignant. Housed at New York’s Ross + Kramer Gallery, “Always Lonely” was developed during the confines of the pandemic, where the artist was forced to work alone in his studio for an exhibition he didn’t know would ever happen.

Unfortunately, like many people during the past few years, Iwamura experienced a death in his family that was made all the more difficult because of strict COVID protocols. However, isolation was not only negative, Iwamura recalled in a statement, it offered him both the opportunity to create at an uninterrupted pace and allowed him the special chance to spend joyful holidays with his family.

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Iwamura casts these emotions in totemic sculptures that invite viewers to meditate on the concept of space — both with the surrounding area and from within. Accompanying the 12 ceramic sculptures are two monumental bronze figures, a new outlet explored by the artist during the pandemic. “Always Lonely” will be on display until March 5, 2022.

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Ross + Kramer Gallery
515 W 27th St,
New York, NY 10065
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