Cool Hunting Crafts a Tailor Made Ferrari Roma Celebrating Japanese and Italian Craftmanship

Independent publication Cool Hunting was invited by Ferrari to craft a custom Ferrari Roma as part of the luxury automaker’s Tailor Made program. Coming off a big round of product design collaborations with various artisans in their extended trip to Japan, Cool Hunting decided to integrate the traditional crafts they encountered into the sports car for a one-of-a-kind “Italian-Japanese love story.”

“There are such huge differences in Japanese and Italian cultures. But there are also so many similarities. There’s a commitment to quality and a commitment to craftsmanship,” said Josh Rubin from Cool Hunting. Becoming obsessed with Indigo on their Japan trip after seeing how it was produced, the Roma’s exterior bodywork and interior details are heavily inspired by the unique colors and properties of the dye. Highlighted in the walkthrough is a custom headliner consisting of leather from Japan which was dyed in indigo by Sukumo, creating a distinct natural pattern. The hide was then woven in traditional Italian style for a luxurious textured effect. Additional details include the use of bespoke sakiori fabrics for interior finishes as well as a weave used for katana sword hilts for the door handles. Keeping in mind that Ferrari doesn’t allow any form of aftermarket bodywork modifications, Cool Hunting was told the end product is “likely one of the most customized Ferraris ever to leave the factory.”

Take a look at the video above in which CH’s Founders Evan Orenstein and Josh Rubin run through the intricacies of the design and Ferrari’s Chief Design Officer, Flavio Manzoni reacts to the personalized Roma for the first time.

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