Charlie Puth Shows Off His Impressive Piano Skills While Covering Ariana Grande's "Boyfriend"

Charlie Puth might not be a country singer, but his western-inspired cover of Ariana Grande’s “Boyfriend” on the piano is a must-see. During a recent musical segment on British radio show Capital FM with Jimmy Hill, Puth played with an out-of-tune piano and still managed to amaze me with his incredible skills. While Puth’s brief cover of “Boyfriend” is great, it’s the saloonish piano music that really has me hoping for a Puth collab with Grande and Lil Nas X.

During his performance, a green screen transformed the room into various bars with classic themes, including a James Bond-inspired pub, a Hell’s Angels bar, and an old western saloon. Puth set the mood with fitting tunes, including a few obscure covers of his own hits like “Mother.” Watch the full video here to see Puth hilariously stumble his way through Hill’s requests.

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