Celebrity Treasure Island: A fishy win and a Black Fern axed

“We didn’t have any upper hand, but now …” a smirking Richie Barnett set the tone for tonight’s episode. One that saw Team Honu um and ah about their impending alliance with Team Repo.

For a team who was bottom of the barrel, they have shocked us all by earning themselves two alliance offers, but what do they decide?

Unfortunately, we didn’t find out this episode – although if double agent, Angela Bloomfield had her way, it would have been a big fat “yes”.

In the essence of working smarter not harder, it seemed Art Green added a new skill to his resume. Former bachelor by day, possum hunter by night.

Candy Lane couldn’t get away from him quick enough.

And if that wasn’t enough outdoor man activities for Art, he then dragged Lance Savali to the water so they could catch fish. Art is trying so hard to prove he isn’t just a pretty face that even a stingray had to get up close and personal to investigate.

While the other teams were having serious mornings, team Katipō, true to form, were sharing “rumours” they “heard”. One of which was “I heard Edna is a futuristic robot”.

Ah, Kim Crossman, I’m the first to admit Edna Swart is scary, but a futuristic robot? I don’t know.

Well, maybe that’s believable. The girl is an emotionless machine when it comes to team face-offs.

Speaking of, tonight’s team face-off saw the teams swimming to get sacks of … balls? It was less dirty than you are imagining, I promise.

Once the balls were secure, the teams had to throw them and break five pots which would reveal lettered tiles. To win, the teams had to correctly stack the tiles to spell out a three-word phrase.

Despite being quickest in the water, Team Repo was quickly caught by Team Honu as they scurried to work out what the tiles said.

Team Katipō was so far behind I couldn’t even see them.

It was neck and neck, Honu and Repo competing for the win. My heart? Racing. My breath? Held. My bet? Was on Honu.

And just when it looked like they had won, host Matt Chisholm broke the news they had the right words lined up but in the wrong order.

Okay, surely at that point we break the rules and just let them win? They tried so hard!

Undiscouraged, Honu repositioned their tiles and put their hand up for Matt to check but Repo caught his eye first.

Those sneaky little rascals secured the win once again.

Undeserving if you ask me. Honu had the exact same answer and if it hadn’t been for Matt’s clear favouritism of Repo, they would have won as well.

I’m joking, of course, a judge can’t have favourites just like parents can’t either, but can anyone else pick up that fishy smell?

I’m watching you team Repo. I know you’re bribing someone.

Back at camp Team Katipō were gutted they came last and blew my bribing theory to bits when they highlighted that Repo was quite literally in the gym training for this year’s competition, while they were sitting behind computers writing comedy scripts.

OMG Chris Parker, without the jokers, the show would be missing its relatable, fun element and we can’t have that. Not at all.

An elimination ended our episode yet again and Art, aka, Thanos decided to put Kiwi comedian favourite Chris Parker from team Katipō and former Black Fern, Olympic silver medallist, Huriana Manuel from team Honu to the test.

Chris’s face lit up with a cheeky little grin when Art called his name and Huriana looked as though she was ready to win gold.

But it was the comedian, in his leopard-print bike shorts, who despite all athletic odds took out the win, earning him and his team a piece of pirate gold.

Never one for animosity, Chris and Huriana had a cute giggle and hug at the end of the challenge. A reminder to all *cough Repo cough* it is only a game at the end of the day.

As we said goodbye to our fourth celeb, Matt put the remaining 17 on edge as he announced a change is brewing.

“I’m hoping that it’s something that puts the cat amongst the pigeons.” Me too Angela, me too.

Come back next week to find out.

For all the inside gossip and behind the scenes stories, listen to Inside Celebrity Treasure Island hosted by S2 contestant Kim Crossman!

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