Brent Faiyaz Drops Music Video for ‘Wasteland’ Cut “All Mine”

Brent Faiyaz is attempting to salvage his relationship in the new music for “All Mine.” The single, which comes off of his sophomore album Wasteland, hears Faiyaz lament that his girlfriend has moved on with another man.

Filmed entirely in black and white, the visual cuts between shots of Faiyaz smoking and a woman waiting for him show up at a fancy restaurant. When the artist strolls in late, the two get into a heated argument at the dinner table.

“I know that I’ve been the worst / But I love you better,” Faiyaz sings on the track. “If you let me / Let’s catch a flight, change the weather / And I promise forever.”

Wasteland debuted in July, compiling singles from the previous two years, such as 2020’s “Dead Man Walking” and 2021’s “Gravity” with DJ Dahi and Tyler, the Creator. The project was executive produced by Jonathan “Freeze” Wells and landed over almost five years after Faiyaz’s solo LP, Sonder Son.

Watch the new music video for Brent Faiyaz’s “All Mine.”

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