Arghavan Khosravi Weaves the Censorship of Her Youth in “UNCERTAINTY”

Arghavan Khosravi is an Iranian-born, New York-based artist who creates work that reflects the paradoxical childhood she experienced growing up in Iran. Through a meticulous choice of symbols, materials, and motifs, Khosravi comments on the persistent restrictions and censorship that are posed on women in her native country.

The artist has collaborated with Case Studyo on a new semi-biographical work, entitled “UNCERTAINTY.” The artist has reappropriated an original painting she had made in 2020 using a timeless tradition of her background — Persian tapestry. Dating back over 2,500 years, Perisan rugs were first devised as a way to cover the ground for nomadic tribesmen who sought a sturdy base to combat the elements. They have since become a treasured art form that showcases everything from one’s history, the town they are from to the traditions that have formed over the years.

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Khosravi subverts the medium by presenting several women who are trapped within the confines of the rug. Characteristic to her past work, the artist uses a binding red cord that references the theocratic rule of present-day Iran. The original painting was made right before the pandemic and imbues the uncertainty that overtook the world in the coming months.

The artwork comprises of two separate panels that are woven together to enhance a feeling of superposition. “UNCERTAINTY” is limited to an edition of eight units. To purchase, please visit Case Studyo’s website.

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