Arcade1Up Announces New 'X-Men' Arcade Cabinet and 'Pong' Pub Table

Retro gaming company Arcade1Up has announced a series of new arcade cabinets during CES 2021, as well as a new pub table-format machine that can accommodate up to four players.

The highlight of the three new arcade cabinets is an updated version of the current four-player X-Men machine, now adding support for online play against other cabinet owners as well as expanding its game library to also include Captain America and The Avengers and The Avengers in Galactic Storm. The other two cabinets focus around Dragon’s Lair and Killer Instinct, the first of which will also include Dragon’s Lair 2 and Space Ace while the second will also come with Killer Instinct 2 and Battle Toads Arcade.

As for the Pong Pub Table, the machine looks exactly the way its name suggests: like a table at a bar you and a few friends can stand around, while offering entertainment through the form of various retro Atari games including Pong, TempestWarlords and Super Breakout.

For those interested, there’s currently no pricing or release information yet for the three arcade cabinets, but the Pong Pub Table is now available for pre-orders at a price of $550 USD over at Best Buy. Head over to Arcade1Up’s website to learn more.

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