AllRightsReserved Achieves Settlement in 'KAWS:HOLIDAY' Singapore Defamation Case

Singapore’s The Ryan Foundation has issued an apology to AllRightsReserved for the issue that occurred around the KAWS:HOLIDAY installation at The Float @ Marina Bay last year. The Ryan Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting arts awareness and developing art projects to build communities in Singapore, filed for an interim injunction citing breach of intellectual property rights and misuse of confidential information.

The court order was served to a representative of AllRightsReserved, the Hong Kong-based creative studio handling the exhibition. Aside from effectively stopping the exhibition, the injunction has halted all sales and distribution of merchandise associated with the exhibition, along with any advertisement and publicity of the event.

TRF at the time noted that it had discussed the possibility of holding the exhibition in Singapore in 2019, following the failed negotiations, the organization alleges ARR used information handed over to hold the KAWS:HOLIDAY installation at The Float @ Marina Bay.

The court discharged the injunction, allowing the exhibition to be reopened, TRF was ordered to pay ARR’s legal costs and was sued for defamation.

AllRightsReserved has now shared that it has achieved a “satisfactory settlement” and TRF has confirmed that its prior allegations were incorrect in an official statement and shared an apology for the embarrassment and/or distress.

ARR has also thanked KAWS and its friends, partners, and legal team for support throughout the dispute.

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