A bonus The Last Of Us episode is set to air after this week’s finale

Here’s everything you need to know about the special The Last Of Us episode set to air after this week’s hotly anticipated finale.

Warning: this article contains minor spoilers for episodes 1-8 of The Last Of Us.

After eight weeks of chaos, clickers and *that* heart-wrenching third episode, The Last Of Us season one will come to an end tonight with its ninth and final instalment.

To say the show’s first season has made its mark would be more than an understatement. From its incredible casting to its terrifying special effects, the show has won over fans of the game and The Last Of Us-newbies alike with its powerful ‘hopepunk’ narrative.

However, before you start to mourn the The Last Of Us-shaped hole in your life, HBO has confirmed there’ll be an extra-special bonus episode airing after the finale.  

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While the episode won’t contain any more of Joel and Ellie’s story, it will give us a glut of behind-the-scenes bonus content, including interviews with stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey and members of the show’s creative team.

The episode, confirmed in a tweet by the official The Last Of Us account, will also give fans a closer look at the work that went into building Joel and Ellie’s world.     

In a short trailer for the episode (which you can watch in full above), we hear from both Pascal and Ramsey as they talk about their experiences of filming.

“Negative degree temperatures, with the wind machine going ‘brrrrrr’,” Pascal describes of his experience filming episode eight (which aired last week). “So that was hard. And fun. It was so fun.”

As the trailer shows more scenes from the show’s previous episodes, Ramsey adds: “The amount of detail going into everything is incredible.”   

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Other shots from the trailer suggest viewers will be given more details about the process of filming the horrific cordyceps kiss (shudder) at the end of episode two, and the horde of infected that burst out of the ground in episode five.  

Before we get to enjoy the bonus episode, however, there’s still the series finale to prepare for. After last week’s episode, HBO released a teaser trailer for the show’s final instalment – and it looks seriously intense.

Following on from Ellie and Joel’s escape at the end of episode eight, the finale will see the pair finish their journey across the US.

“After all we’ve been through, it can’t be for nothing,” Ellie can be heard saying as the trailer opens. “There’s no halfway with this. We finish what we started.”

If one thing’s for sure, the finale is going to be just as (if not more) action-packed as the rest of the series. Prepare yourselves.

Episodes 1-8 of The Last Of Us are available to stream on NOW. Episode 9 of The Last Of Us will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW at 2am on Monday 13 March, before airing again at 9pm.

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