16 Comics About Having Boobs That'll Make You Laugh If You Have 'Em

1.When you look forward to this moment every day…

2.…and REALLY relish in this feeling:

3.When you’re having a good cleavage day:

4.When shopping for a new bra is the WORST:

5.And when actually trying one on feels like an eternal mess:

6.When strapless bras seem 1000% pointless:

7.When you need the extra support:

8.When your bra actually comes in handy:

9.When you could probably eat an entire meal from your bra:

10.When you’re a human with big boobs:

11.When you lay on your back:

12.When your pajamas decide to misbehave:

13.When your sports bra basically feels like a trap:

14.When summer really gets going:

15.When you do ~the lean back~ to avoid an awkward moment:

16.And finally, when you come to this realization:

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