14 Things You Can Do In Ibiza That No-One Ever Talks About

1.Step away from the crowds and visit stunning, secret beaches.

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There are many secret beaches around Ibiza that aren’t swarmed with visitors – perfect for when you want some down time. Punta Galera and Cala Comte are two lesser-known beaches that are surrounded by picturesque rock pools.

2.Forage for your own herbs to make a liqueur that’s unique to Ibiza.

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Hierbas is a liqueur that can only be made with a combination of herbs found on the island. The Drink Workshop Ibiza is a foraging experience that shows you where to find the ingredients, and teaches you how to turn the herbs into a delicious drink.

3.Bask in the golden hour of some seriously stunning sunsets…

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Sunset Ashram is a restaurant and beach bar that’s beloved by locals. It’s right by some of the clearest waters of Ibiza, and directly faces west, giving you a straight-on view of the incredible Ibiza sunset as you dine.

4.…Or party under the sunset, if that’s more your vibe.

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Cafe Mambo throws infamous sunset parties, complete with fire dancers, world-class DJs, and an incredible vibe. If you’re looking to catch the best view on the island, look no further than this location.

5.Add a touch of class to your trip by taking a tour of a vineyard.

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Beyond the partying and beaches that Ibiza is famous for, you can also add a little sophistication to your holiday by visiting one of the island’s many vineyards. Wineries on the island offer wine-tasting tours all-year-round, meaning that you can add a tour to your itinerary regardless of what season you decide to visit.

6.Explore hidden parts of the island in a 1960’s classic Mustang.

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@lord_thurm / Via What better way to cruise around Ibiza than in an 1965 Ford Mustang? Mustang Adventures gives you the option to either drive the classic vehicle yourself, or you can go the extra mile and hire a driver for the day. Hop in a car, cruise the island in style, and discover off-the-beaten spots only the locals know.

7.Re-centre yourself with a visit to one of the island’s most mysterious attractions.

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Es Vedrà is a 400-metres high rock that’s shrouded in mythology and mystery. One of the most pervasive claims is that it is the third-most magnetic spot in the world, after the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle. If you’re in need of re-alignment, be sure to add this spot to your list.

8.Take a dive into extravagant pool parties.

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@obeachibiza / Via O Beach puts on themed pool parties every day of the week, that are complete with dancers, local music, and giant inflatables. If you’re looking to experience a truly unique party, O Beach is for you.

9.Get lost in the ancient Can Marca caves.

The Can Marca caves are an eerie secret of Ibiza, hidden in Puerto de San Miguela. Supposedly over 100,00 years old, the cave is shaped by underground rivers and waterfalls.

10.Escape to a remote island for a taste of tranquility.

A trip to Ibiza is not complete without a day trip to the beautiful island of Formentera. With white, sandy beaches and a crystal clear sea, this spot is the perfect place to relax and recharge. What’s more, it’s only a 30-minute ferry from the mainland.

11.Stay in a hotel that’s made for Instagram.

Every aspect of Wiki Woo Hotel’s decor has been made with Instagram aesthetics in mind. From their pool and ocean-facing front patio, to their food and nightly DJ booth, you’ll find it difficult to keep your phone away.

12.Chill by crystal-clear waters that will make you feel further away from home than you actually are.

You don’t need to travel all the way to the Maldives to get clear, turquoise waters. Ibiza has some of the prettiest beaches in the world: make sure to check out Cala Salada, Aguas Blancas, and Cala Comte.

13.Start your day off with a pastry and a show.

Croissant Show is a French patisserie that’s open 23-hours a day, serving up delicious croissants, pain au chocolats, quiches, and more, alongside a unique show. If you’re looking to up your energy for the day ahead, this patisserie is the location for you.

14.And take your Pornstar Martini game to the next level.

The fishbowl G&Ts at your local pub have nothing on the drinks in Ibiza. STK Ibiza serves up 1 litre Espresso Martinis and 3.5 litre Pornstar Martinis that are the perfect way for you and your friends to start your night.

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