14 People Who Learned Things The Hard Way

1.This person learned not to hold up food like this in front of hungry seagulls:

2.And this person learned to not swim with swans:

3.This person found out the hard way that you shouldn’t wrap sausages in bacon:

4.This girl learned you can’t do this…

…because this will happen:

5.This parent learned not to leave her kids alone for too long:

6.This girl learned the hard way that she shouldn’t apply for another job at work:

7.This catfish learned to just…not catfish like this:

8.This influencer learned the hard way not to swim with sharks just for a pic:

9.This guy learned he is friends with his mom on Snapchat:

10.This girl found out the hard way she had struck a nerve:

11.This guy found out he had sent a dick pic to the wrong person:

12.And Charlie Sheen realized too late that he had posted his number:

13.This girl learned not to dance over her friend like this:

14.This girl unfortunately learned she was dressed like a meme:

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