Yasmine Lopez Threatens to Expose Her ‘Evil’ Ex, Fans Think It’s Trey Songz

As the Instagram model shares a cryptic post on Instagram about being ‘tired of protecting’ a man she’s previously linked with, she notes that she’s not talking about her baby daddy.

AceShowbizYasmine Lopez is poised to expose her ex and somehow Trey Songz is brought up in the conversation. The Instagram model has shared cryptic messages about an “evil” ex whom she claimed to have been “protecting” all this time, but she’s about to speak out about him now.

“I’m so tired of protecting this man and pretending like he’s this amazing person,” Yasmine posted on her Instagram Story on Sunday, May 22 without naming names. “He is evil,” she noted. “And y’all already know who I’m talking about.”

Before social media users came up with their theories, Yasmine preemptively clarified that she was not talking about her baby daddy. “And I’m not talking about my baby daddy…. If you know you kno,” she added of Trevon Diggs, an NFL star who plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

Meanwhile, people quickly made their guesses and they mostly think that she was referring to Trey Songz. “It’s trey fasho,” one person claimed. Another similarly guessed, “Definitely Trey Kelly.”

A few think that it could be Carl Crawford since she has also been linked to the former MLB star, but one person begged to differ as saying, “Now y’all know she is not talking about Carl.”

Some fans have defended Trey with one saying, “I’m so tired of them talking about Trey. Y’all wanna blast him on the internet for clout. Where is the police report? Stop going go through internet go to the precinct if what you saying is oh so true.” Another told Yasmine to “shut up.”

Meanwhile, others urged Yasmine to speak the truth. “Stop protecting him if he just a evil person !!! If he doing what everyone says he doing then bring it to the light,” one person wrote. Another added, “Say his name if you tired of protecting him.”

While it remains to be seen whom Yasmine was referring to on her Stories, Trey has indeed been battling sexual assault allegations by multiple women. In April, he was named in a $5 million settlement demand letter after he allegedly exposed and groped a woman’s breast.

This arrived after he was cleared in an investigation into a sexual assault case involving basketball star Dylan Gonzalez. Shortly after it’s unveiled that the singer won’t be facing any criminal charges, the 27-year-old athlete declared on Twitter, “No White Flag From Dylan Gonzalez. The War Continues #BeStrongNotSilent.” She went on stressing, “To Whom It May Concern: We Still Marching On This Side.”

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