Will There Be a Third Enola Holmes Movie? Millie Bobby Brown Says

Millie Bobby Brown has seen success with her Enola Holmes movie, and now the sequel.

At the time of this post, the recently released Enola Holmes 2 is the No 1 movie on Netflix‘s Top 10 movies in the US!

Recently, Millie expressed that she was surprised at how well the first movie did.

So, will there be an Enola Holmes 3? She opened up in a new interview.

See what she said inside…

On how quickly they decided to do a sequel, Millie told BBC Radio 1′s Ali Plumb, “After the first film came out, I think it was a few days after, then we were like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna do the second one, and it’s going to be directly after Stranger Things season four.’ So we knew that we were gonna have to film it immediately.”

The possibility of a third movie or more… the movie is based off of a book series…

“Trilogies are fun. I also think there’s six books. I love the number six. Let’s throw that number around,” Millie said. “I can only hope that there will be three. I hope that Netflix will give me that opportunity to keep telling the story with Enola because I think there’s so much more story to tell.”

She also opened up about fans’ reactions to what they love the most about Enola Holmes, and it ranges by age and gender. Check out what Millie said in the video…

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