Viral Tweet About J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ Character Names Leads to Discussion About Cultural Stereotypes

The Internet is discussing J.K. Rowling‘s character naming process.

The author of the wildly popular Harry Potter series was the subject of a viral tweet from The New York TimesAstead W. Herndon on Wednesday (May 13).

J.K. Rowling, thinking of a name of white character: Albus Dumbeldore, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall. J.K. Rowling, thinking of nonwhite character: Cho Chang,” the tweet reads, which garnered over 148,000 “likes” in a day.

The tweet resulted in a large debate in the replies, with some pointing out other names in the book that play to certain cultural stereotypes.

“ITS TWO LAST NAMES from two diff ethnicities as well? did they not have google back then for authors?” wrote back one user.

“Yo forgot about Seamus Finnigan, the singular Irish character, who loves turning water into alcohol and blowing stuff up as an 11 yo,” added one commenter.

“Just pointing out: *Seamus Finnegan* the Irish kid, Minerva *McGonagal* the Scottish teacher. There were stereotypes to go around in that series. Ironically tho, Dean Thomas out there being the most normally named mofo in Gryffindor,” added another.

“This is getting annoying. Victor Krum and Fleur Delacour had names that fit their culture too, stop it,” another user wrote.

Daniel Radcliffe recently did something to celebrate the legacy of Harry Potter.

Check out the J.K. Rowling tweet and the replies…

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