This Missing Character In Cobra Kai’s Season 3 Has Fans Seeing Red

On January 1, Cobra Kai fans across the globe huddled in front of their TVs and computer screens to see what would happen to Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) after he was rushed to the hospital following a high school karate riot ignited by Tory Nichols (Peyton List) (via CinemaBlend). 

Season three encompassed everything a true Cobra Kai fan could imagine, including suspense, drama, romance, and a lot of one-on-one combat between Sam LaRusso (Mary Mouser) and Nichols (via ScreenRant). Even so, there was one missing piece to Cobra Kai‘s third season: Aisha Robinson (Nichole Brown). 

Robinson entered the show as an old friend of LaRusso’s. Once LaRusso became friends with the popular crowd, however, she and Robinson began to grow apart. Tired of being bullied for her looks and her weight, Robinson decides to join the Cobra Kai karate dojo (via TV Shows Ace).

Why did Nichole Brown leave 'Cobra Kai?'

According to Digital Spy, Brown announced her departure from the show in September 2019 via an Instagram story writing: “Officially NOT in Season 3 of #CobraKai… Unfortunate, but thank you for the opportunity and time I had on the show.”

In the third season, Robinson is said to have moved to a private school due to the martial arts war that occurred in the second season’s finale, but fans aren’t buying it. “I was very disappointed how they wrote out Aisha Robinson,” Twitter user and devout Cobra Kai fan @cherry_LA writes. “Aisha should have come to school or Samantha come to her house where she could have cried saying her parents didn’t want them to be friends or go to school anymore.”

Despite fans’ comments, executive producer and co-showrunner Jon Hurwitz stands by his decision. In fact, in a recent interview with TV Line, Hurwitz says that there’s a chance Robinson could reappear in an upcoming season (via TV Line). 

“Certain characters we loved in Season 1 didn’t appear at all in Season 2, like Kyler, Yasmine, and Louie,” Hurwitz told TV Line. “Before the season, we told Nichole the same thing we told those actors: That just because a character doesn’t appear for a period of time doesn’t mean they’ve left the universe, that they can’t return again. We love that character, and perhaps we’ll see her again one day.”

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