These Tweets About Ariana Grande’s "34+35 Remix" Video Are All About Baked Alaska

Ariana Grande’s Positions album took over 2020, and now it’s about to take over 2021 as well. Days after announcing the deluxe edition of her sixth studio album, the songstress surprised fans with a music video for her head-turning Positions single "34+35." The original song was already filled with sexual innuendos, but it had nothing on the remix featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. Fans agreed the trio was the ultimate team-up, and now the release of Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat’s "34+35 Remix" video is making them giddy seeing all three officially together. But one moment from the video, in particular, has fans craving a fine dessert.

Grande first announced their collab on Jan. 13 by sharing a mysterious Instagram showing three silhouetted figures, teasing she would be working with two big artists. Fans guessed Megan because she commented on the post. They guessed Doja as well because she already has a history of working with Grande. In the end, fans were surprised they got them both right.

As if the lyrics for "34+35" couldn’t get any steamier, Megan and Doja came in with two verses so epic, fans couldn’t help but make them go viral on Twitter. Now, the three women are bringing their lyrics to life with the "34+35" music video, where the three besties have a girl’s night at a hotel, watching TV and enjoying the finest of delicacies, like champagne and room service.

But the most memorable moment from the video by far was right after Doja Cat’s verse when the song stopped for a moment so Grande could head over to their hotel room intercom and order more food for their festivities. Along with some more champagne and fries, Grande was craving some desert, but she couldn’t think of what it was called. "Do you have those flaming ones? The ones that come on fire? What are they called?" she said into the intercom.

Fans knew exactly what Grande was craving and took to Twitter to answer the pop songstress’ burning question.

Luckily, Grande remembered the name of the desert by the end of the video. After the credits rolled, she re-emerged at the intercom, exlaiming, "Baked Alaska!"

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