The One Show’s Alex Jones shows off hair transformation amid break from BBC programme

Alex Jones reveals she has a named her daughter Annie

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The One Show’s Alex Jones has taken to Instagram to reveal the glamorous results of her hair transformation, going from a light chestnut brown to a rich, glossy chocolate hue. The BBC presenter, 44, also revealed that today was a milestone for her newborn, being Annie’s first outing to central London.

Tell me it’s autumn without telling me it’s autumn

Alex Jones

In view of her 321,000 followers, Alex documented her day in the capital.

The BBC star said: “Hello, hello, I’m on my way into central London for the first time with little baby Annie.

“It’s a horrible day and I of course have forgotten a raincover,”(sic) she said while panning to the car seat where Annie was lying.

“Brilliant,” Alex added while giving her followers a thumbs up.

“I’m off to sort my hair out – look,” she said to her fans while showing them her ponytail.

“It’s sort of two-tone now, lovely blonde there,” she said while pointing to the ends, adding “and brown there,” Alex said while gesturing to her hair closer to the root.

Combing out her bangs, Alex said: “Fringe grown into these bits… time to sort it out,” she said while shaking her head.

After having arrived at the hairdresser, Alex revealed that she was ready for her hair transformation.

Taking a selfie in the mirror, she penned: “Bobble out. here we go. Going for an autumnal darker shall all over.”

In the next snap, Alex had taken a sweet picture of her hairdresser cradling her baby girl.

“Hairdresser/ Manny,” Alex captioned the photo.

Wearing a sweet, pink knitted cardigan, baby Annie looked sleepy as she was affectionately held by the hair professional.

After a long day at the hairdressers, Alex took to Instagram to show off the finished result.

The star stunned as she smiled coyly at the camera, revealing that she’d had her fringe neatly trimmed and her shoulder length hair turned into a chic bob.

However, the biggest change was the colour. Going from a light chestnut brown, Alex showcased her rich, dark chocolate hues that had been softly streaked with lighter shades.

Addressing her seasonal change, Alex wrote below the picture: “Tell me it’s autumn without telling me it’s autumn.”

A day ago Alex told how she’d had an “emotional morning” after taking her son Teddy to his first day at school.

She typed: “Time for our little Ted to make his own way.

“Today is his first proper day and I managed to hold it together until he was out of sight.

“So excited for him and feel sure that he’s in great hands but it felt like a very big milestone. Here’s to the next chapter,” she added.

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