The Hills New Beginnings Recap: Spencer Pratt FEUDS with Brody Jenner!

It turns out that when Spencer Pratt said that no one was safe from his wrath, he wasn’t actually kidding.

On the Monday, July 8 episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, he and Brody Jenner clashed.

Clashed is an understatement. These former friends exploded in each other’s faces. Take a look:

It started at Brandon Lee’s pool party (I’m still adjusting to his rebranding from Brandon Thomas Lee — do I still call his brother Dylan Jagger Lee?).

It was Brandon’s party, but it was actually at “his mom’s house.”

His mom is, of course, Pamela Anderson.

Anyway, at the party, Spencer was clearly unhappy that Brody wasn’t living it up — drinking and partying — like he used to.

After Brody headed off, Spencer explained that the true source of tension between them is Kaitlynn Carter.

According to Spencer, she doesn’t like him and is micromanaging Brody’s behavior and turning him against him.

There may even be something to this.

Later, we see Brody and Kaitlynn on a date, where she talks to him about Spencer.

She admonishes him that he’s spending too much time preoccupied with Spencer and should devote his thoughts to more important things.

This turned out to be a bit of a segue into what she really wanted to talk about — baby-making.

She asks Brody if he’s ready to have a kid, noting that she is 30 and he allegedly “promised” to oblige her.

Brody admits that there are so many broken families among his relations that he is understandably reluctant to rush towards having a kid. That’s fair.

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So, Audrina Patridge goes to the concert with Justin Brescia.

When he ends the night by kissing her, Audrina is thrown for a loop and unsure of what to think.

This is a little complicated, because Justin has already confessed to Spencer that he’s not sure if he can get close to Audrina again.

See, he travels a lot these days, and Audrina has a child.

He very correctly doesn’t want to get close to Kirra only to ghost mother and daughter when things don’t work out.

So what’s up with the kiss? That’s a little unclear.

See, Audrina is still less than delighted that Justin drove two hours just to check on Stephanie.

But speaking of Stephanie, when she brings up the kiss to Justin, he claims to not even remember the incident.

Mega yikes!

And yes, next week, we’ll get to see Stephanie tell Audrina that. Whoops.

Then it was time for Justin’s big acoustic show, and the cast gathered together to support him.

Well, most of the cast was, anyway.

After Kaitlynn said that everyone was invited, Stephanie was quick to point out that Spencer was conspicuously missing an invite.

Heidi finally explains to viewers another tidbit of tension between Spencer and Brody.

It turns out that Spencer is still nursing some hurt feelings because Brody never came to see baby Gunnar when he was born.

Finally, the actual confrontation goes down as both men neg each other for their respective resentments and hurt feelings.

The one thing on which they can both agree is that they’re not happy about how their friendship came to an end.

But there is zero common ground when it comes to assigning blame. Instead, there’s some heated name-calling.

Spencer is still mad that Brody “changed” and that he seemed to skip out on them when they were at a low point in their lives.

Meanwhile, Brody resents how Spencer was not a good friend to him.

What a mess. Let’s remember this the next time someone says that they have friendships with guys because “girls are too much drama.”

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