Teen Mom Fans SLAM Roxanne DeJesus for Dropping N-Bomb: FIRE HER!

It’s no secret that Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin have issues. Devoin leaking her number was just a small part of that.

But right now, fans are more concerned about Briana’s mother, who appears to have called Devoin the N-word.

Fans want Roxanne DeJesus fired from Teen Mom.

And some of them want to see Briana banned from the franchise with her.

In this clip (apologies for the video quality) captured and shared on social media, Roxanne’s bleeps are raising the hairs on people’s necks.

Angrily, Devoin posted a series of screenshots of text conversations with Briana, sharing them on social media.

Whether through carelessness or malice, Devoin’s screenshots included Briana’s phone number.

Naturally, as a famous person, she was inundated with messages from fans and trolls alike. It could have been worse, but that’s scary for a famous mom to experience.

When she and her mother shared concerns, however, is when Roxanne caught fans justified ire.

“Let me tell you something,” she can be heard warning her daughter.

“What he did today, exposing your number to the public: shady,” Roxanne noted.

“He did that to be spiteful, but that’s illegal what he did,” Roxanne continued.

“Next they’ll be knocking on our f–king door,” she predicted.

Unfortunately, Roxanne concluded: cause this n—a went out and gave out your information.”

Roxanne’s feelings about the illegal leaking of Briana’s phone number, which could put her family in dangers, are valid.

The language that she appeared to have used is simply not.

The N-word is the worst word in any language, and ending it with an -A does not magically make it not a slur or acceptable for non-Black people to use.

“@MTV Y’all are not going to skip over Roxanne using & referring to [Devoin] as the N-word.. unacceptable on all levels,” one fan tweet reads.

“She is not a teen mom & is knows better,” the tweet continues.

The tweet then refers to Devoin’s daughter Nova, saying of Roxanne: “She wouldn’t want anyone to refer to that beautiful baby girl that way!”

“@MTV please fire Roxanne from ‘Teen Mom 2,’” another social media user writes.

“She used the n word last night,” the viewer reports.

That post continues: “You’ve been good about firing racist trash bags before so please take this trash bag out.” 

“Teen [Mom], MTV step tf up and say something I’m sick of Briana and her mother running their mouth,” reads an additional comment.

“Now she wants to say the N-word & y’all want to bleep it out like we didn’t hear it,” the fan accuses.

The comment concludes: “Get tf out of here & get Briana and Rock brain Roxanne out of here too.” 

(Apologies for Light Mode, but The Ashley did such a spectacular job of rounding up tweets that we had to share)

Fans are angry, and not only at Roxanne or even Briana.

They believe that MTV shares culpability — and here’s why.

This episode wasn’t a surprise to MTV, because of course they’re the ones who filmed and edited it all.

Instead of starting the episode with a warning and an announcement that Roxanne would no longer appear on the series, they just … aired it like it’s a normal episode.

In fact, with MTV so aggressively censoring Roxanne’s use of the slur, many viewers feel like the network is complicit — trying to shield her from deserved backlash. Not that their plan worked.

It looks like Briana is mocking the call for firing.

Ma’am, your mother just called your baby-daddy a slur that applies equally to your child.

Perhaps smug mockery, or even the appearance of it, is not the way to go right now.

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