Tanya Roberts’ Boyfriend Learned She’s Still Alive While Being Interviewed on TV (Video)

There’s yet another crazy twist in the story about Tanya Roberts, the That ’70s Show actress who was reported to be dead and later was discovered to still be alive.

Lance O’Brien, who has been identified as both Roberts‘ boyfriend and husband in various reports, was being interviewed on TV by Inside Edition when he received the phone call that she is still alive.

Tanya‘s rep has said that he was informed of her alleged death on Sunday by O’Brien and later learned that she is still alive after O’Brien received a phone call from the hospital to tell him she didn’t die.

The phone call was captured in the Inside Edition interview. You can see him on the phone when he says, “Now, you are telling me she’s alive?”

O’Brien then tells the reporter, “The hospital is telling me she is alive. They are calling me from the ICU team.”

While Tanya is still alive, her condition is reported to be “dire” at the moment. She was rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve after collapsing at home following a walk with her dog. We’re sending her our best wishes while she recovers.

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