Strictly’s Hamza Yassin denies ‘hitting Jowita in face’ with long hair

Strictly: Hamza Yassin discusses his 'serious face' for the tango

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Countryfile cameraman Hamza Yassin, 32, has been a trailblazer in the current season of Strictly Come Dancing and is set to compete at Blackpool. However, his iconic hair has caused some concern for viewers, as his long ponytail swishes across the stage and comes anxiously close to hitting his dance partner.

While making the journey to the iconic Strictly stage, Hamza and Jowita took to Instagram to answer some fan questions, one of which concerned the cameraman’s signature hair. 

One fan questioned how many times Jowita has been hit in the face by Hamza’s hair, to which the dancer promptly declared: zero. 

She said: “The answer is they never do unless he does it on purpose.”

Hamza added it would “never happen” unless he “physically takes [his] hair and goes like this, and smacks her”, while playfully hitting Jowita over the head with his dreads. 

The Strictly pro giggled as the Countryfile star’s dreads slipped over the brim of her baseball cap, before she interrupted with: “Just smack me in the face”. 

Hamza added: “Bare in mind I’ve had this hair for 17 years so I know what I’m doing, I know where it is.”

Jowita emphasised his point, taking a sly jibe at the cameraman: “He knows what he’s doing. He controls his hair better than his feet.”

He continued: “There you go! I’m used to it. I know where it is, how long it is. 

“I’ve never stepped on it. I won’t step on it.

“Everyone thinks I’m walking around with my head, like, bent back, but in reality they’re super light.”

The pair filmed themselves on Jowita’s Instagram story while travelling to Blackpool with their fellow Strictly stars ahead of this weekend’s live show at thw Tower Ballroom. 

Jowita’s excitement was tangible as she said: “We’re almost arriving!”

Using his last few moments on Jowita’s Instagram wisely, Hamza said: “ We just want to say thank you so much for all the amazing messages you guys send us every day and for these wonderful questions as well.”

Jowita agreed, saying: “We really appreciate your kindness and your support. We’re going to go tomorrow to shine in Blackpool!”

Hamza’s sweeping hair has been almost two decades in the making.

It originally started as a teenage rebellion against his mother, as she would cut Hamza’s, his brother’s and his father’s hair the same, short length. 

Speaking on This Morning, Hamza shared he had simply one day declared “I’m done” and hadn’t cut it since. 

The star also revealed that they sometimes use his hair in their Strictly routines “like Jowita’s dress”. 

He joked: “If the dress is flowing, let my hair flow as well!”

Strictly Come Dancing continues at 7:45pm on Saturday. 

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