Stacey Solomon reveals she feels ‘guilty’ over rumours she and Joe Swash secretly married

Stacey Solomon says she feels "guilty" that she and her partner Joe Swash didn’t get married during a family getaway to the Maldives, after a photo had fans guessing she had tied the knot.

It was during their recent sun-drenched break that Stacey posted a gorgeous picture of the couple, their baby son Rex, and Stacey’s other two sons Zachary and Leighton, on the idyllic sands, with her eldest two sons looking super smart in their Rocco suits.

But the style of the photograph and what looked like a wedding ring on Joe’s finger sparked rumours that Stacey and the television presenter and actor, who she's been dating since 2015, had secretly wed.

Blissfully unaware of the commotion the image had created back in the UK, it wasn't until they'd landed back home that the former X Factor star was able to set the story straight.

"We hadn’t been away together for ages,’ Stacey explained exclusively to OK! magazine.

"It’s only when I come back home and the kids went back to school and then I started to try and reply to my messages and I realised everyone thought we’d gotten married.

"So I said we really need to put the record straight. I felt a bit guilty, I felt bad that we didn’t get married.

"I don’t know why I felt terrible about it. I felt like I led people to believe we got married when literally we just went out for dinner.

"I love dressing up and I love romantic clothing and it was a special dinner as it was the first time Joe had been there and so we all dressed up and had a lovely meal last week which was the fun bit, and that was like, 'oh we are going for a special dinner.'

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And Stacey – who shared the hilarious results of weaning baby son Rex – revealed she could never hide such news from her friends and family, adding: "If we were getting married I’d tell people anyway.

"I wouldn’t do it and let people know afterwards. I’d be well excited. I’d be like 'guess what guys?' I'd be so happy I’d have to tell people."

The star has previously joked she would not have married in her shirt dress, revealing what her wedding dress of dreams will be: "Definitely white, with a really long train, floaty and glittery."

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Stacey, 29, says Joe, 37, is romantic, "but not in a conventional sense, candle lit dinner by the fireplace."

Instead Stacey explains: "So for me he’ll play with my kids all day long, make their toys with them and spend loads of time with them and for me that’s the most attractive romantic thing ever."

Next year is a Leap year which occurs every four years, when a woman traditionally proposes to a man.

But Stacey said if she wants to be the one to propose she will do it regardless of protocol, saying: "I wouldn't wait for a Leap Year if I was going to propose to Joe.

"I would if I really wanted to and thought it was the right time, but I think at the moment we are really concentrating on the kids and making sure they're all happy and settled and the best we can be because it is only five months since we had a baby.

"It’s just not top of the agenda at the moment and if I really wanted it I would propose to Joe."

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