Soledad O'Brien Wants to Collect TMZ Money on Impeachment Bet

Soledad O’Brien was right about President Trump getting impeached — and now, she’s here to collect on her bet … which we’ll have to pay her back for later.

We got the veteran TV journalist Tuesday at LAX, and our photog recalled she’d placed a bet with our D.C. guy about whether the Dems would actually go through with impeachment.

You’ll recall … Soledad and our boy pinkie promised on a whopping 5 bills — dollar bills — with Soledad taking the over/under on the House pulling the trigger. Obviously, she won and we lost. Pelosi and co. intro’d 2 articles … abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Fast-forward to Tuesday … and our cameraman in L.A. was desperately trying to pay up on behalf of his TMZ coworker. Sadly, he came up short by a buck so — and Soledad wasn’t trying to get paid in parts. Don’t worry … our man in D.C. will pay up, SO!!!

Just for kicks, we asked if Soledad wanted to run another bet on whether the Senate would convict — but she pumped the brakes on that one. It ain’t happening, she says.

Now, on the topic of 2020 reelection … it sounds like Soledad is a bit more confident. We’ll circle back in a few months.

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