'SNL' Mocks Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz and Kari Lake

‘SNL’ opened Saturday night with a blistering skit about 3 extreme Republicans running for high office — Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz and Kari Lake.

Oz is stoked about the “Pennsylvania Phillies” World Series bid … of course, playing off his carpetbagging status.

Walker, well, he answers the alleged abortion hypocrisy with 1 word — gas.

And Kari Lake — well, she makes it clear … if people vote for her, they won’t have to vote in another election.

As you probably know, all 3 candidates are gaining ground in their races, and although ‘SNL’ is clearly mocking them … the underlying message isn’t far from reality, and that reality seems to be resonating with a growing number of voters.

We’ll know in a little more than a week. Then immediately get ready for the 2024 Presidential campaign.

No rest for the weary.

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