Sinitta, 52, hops on jet ski as she rings in 2021 with Simon Cowell in Barbados

Sinitta spent the first day of 2021 in the sunshine on the beach as she continues to spend the festive period with her close friend Simon Cowell.

The pop star jetted off to Barbados before Christmas to hang out with Simon, who is still recovering from his back injury, on his yacht.

The 52-year-old was spotted on New Year’s Eve strolling on the sand in Bridgetown before taking to the water.

She looked sensational in a black and red bikini top with long sleeves, and black bikini bottoms.

She hopped on the back of a chauffeur-driven jet-ski with the driver taking her for a ride out to Simon’s yacht, ready to do some more lounging on the deck.

Sinitta made sure to protect herself – there is still a pandemic on – by wearing a visor over her face with sunglasses underneath, with the man ferrying her out also sporting a face mask.

A beautiful boat in Barbados is the perfect place for Simon, 51, to recuperate from his accident, breaking his back after falling off an electric bike in August.

The Britain’s Got Talent star had to undergo five hours of surgery after the incident and cancelled all his TV work for the rest of 2020.

The So Macho singer gave an update on Simon’s health recently that he is ‘walking again’.

‘He’s taken some steps, so he has reassured himself that he’s not paralysed. But he’s got to take his time and get well’, she said.

She also revealed he has been undergoing ‘pool therapy’ to get back on his feet properly.

‘He’s got one of those watches that measures every step’, she shared with The Sun.

‘He’s still having a lot of physiotherapy, seeing great doctors and doing non weight bearing pool work especially for spinal injuries.’

Understandably the X Factor judge doesn’t want to overdo things, with Sinitta adding he is ‘being sensible’ about the amount of walking he can get done.

Simon intends to return to Britain’s Got Talent when filming kicks off in 2021.

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