Shaq Settles TCU-Georgia Bet With Ernie Johnson, Eats Frog Legs Live On-Air!

Shaquille O’Neal‘s clearly a man of his word … ’cause after he bet he’d eat a frog if TCU lost to Georgia in the national championship — he settled his debt live on television on Thursday night!!!

Shaq initially made the wager with his “NBA On TNT” co-host Ernie Johnson last week … saying if UGA managed to pull out the victory over the Horned Frogs on Monday, he’d scarf down a plate of toad.

The Dawgs ended up smacking TCU 65-7 … and when it came time to pay up on the bet on Thursday’s show, Shaq didn’t shy away.

Ernie brought out a plate of what appeared to be multiple fried frog legs, and the NBA legend stuffed his mouth with them one by one as a nation of basketball fans looked on.

Shaq took bite after bite after bite — while Ernie gloated with a Georgia helmet strapped to his head.

“I’m a man of my word,” O’Neal said as he chomped away on the dish. “I’m a man of my word, Ernie.”

Shaq had some fun with the guys on the set while finishing off the legs — sticking a piece of the meal in his teeth while adding, “I just want to let ya’ll know these frog legs are good!”

O’Neal is known to get the last laughs more often than not — after all, he did just dump a load of popcorn on Jamal Crawford on a show earlier this week — so, enjoy the one-up while ya can, E.J.!

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