Ryan Reynolds Disses Hugh Jackman As An ‘Evil Person’ & Reignites The Most Bizarre Feud In Hollywood

If you’re a fan of Hugh Jackman’s, Ryan Reynolds revealed why you’ve been ‘duped’ in a new interview on the ‘Today’ show on Dec. 10. Years later, and this (faux) feud between the Marvel superstars is still going strong.

We may be entering a new decade, but Ryan Reynolds, 43, isn’t dropping his bromance-feud (yes, it’s both) with Hugh Jackman, 51. Rather, he just took it to a whole new level during an interview on the Today show on Dec. 10! The interviewer inquired about Ryan’s “funny feud” with his fellow MCU pal, and the Deadpool star explained, “Oh, he’s just an evil person. I mean, you’ve guys have all been duped.” Ryan continued to explain why Wolverine shouldn’t be our American hero.

“You think that he’s this benevolent, ambassador to your country, but people don’t realize he’s from Winnipeg, Canada,” Ryan teased during the promotional interview for his new movie 6 Underground. If you thought that sounded harsh, it was Hugh who trolled Ryan a day before the interview! Hugh reposted an edited version of the movie poster from Ryan’s new film, which happened to replace Ryan’s face with his own. Hugh liked the change. “A small edit to make this a much better promotional tool. Thank you @karthik_nj,” Hugh cheekily wrote under the post, shared on Dec. 9. Hey, Ryan was the first to wear Hugh’s face as Deadpool in the 2016 film!

Of course, Ryan doesn’t actually think Hugh is an “evil person.” They were most recently seen having a bro date in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood in September, and during that same month, Ryan even congratulated his friend for being honored with the prestigious Order of Australia. But Ryan does think that his friendly nemesis is the perfect target for a regular barrage of social media jabs that can be traced to 2015! During that year, Hugh shared a clip of Ryan impersonating the actor, Australian accent and all, as he encouraged fans to vote for People’s “Sexiest Men Alive” issue while rocking a full face of Deadpool makeup. It’s been game on since then.

A few highlights of this “feud” have been a video of Hugh’s dog pooping on a photo of Ryan, and the latter crashing Hugh’s press junket to shadily ask if the star does all his “own acting.” But their relationship goes beyond social media — both actors actually starred alongside one another in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which premiered in theaters in 2009.

So much for that “truce” Ryan and Hugh agreed to in February! The actors announced in separate Instagram posts that they made an “official truce” after agreeing to star in advertisements for their respective rival’s companies — Hugh wrote that he would “make an awesome ad” for Ryan’s liquor brand, Aviation Gin, while Ryan would make “a beautiful ad” for Hugh’s Laughing Man Coffee, as “a gesture of goodwill.” But if you “looked closely” at the photo of their truce-making handshake — as Ryan instructed you to do — you would’ve seen Ryan’s fingers crossed behind his back.

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